Buchanan County

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1278 Alamarine Drive
Grundy, VA 24614
(276) 935-2333

About this PreSchool

Eligibility and Enrollment Guidelines In order to fulfill Head Start's performance standard, each program must have a system to identify, recruit, select and enroll children. Buchanan County Head Start's regulations provide the cornerstone of their commitment to serve the population mandated by the legislation. The program recruits and provides services to children and uses the following criteria for recruitment purposes. Children with disabilities are served by Head Start and are eligible for enrollment. 1. Community Needs Assessment 2. Department of Social Services 3. Local Pediatricians 4. Local School System 5. Door to door canvassing 6. Head Start Parents 7. Advertisments (Newspaper, Radio etc ¦) 8. Organizations devoted to specific disability conditions 9. Parent/Staff referrals 10. Community Agencies

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