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We provide a nationwide directory of free preschools and prekindergarten programs and schools in the US. We also provide information and reviews on the schools and programs provided.

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Fifth Ward Head Start

4014 Market St
Houston, TX - 77020
(713) 237-0264

East Silver Spring ES

631 Silver Spring Ave
Silver Spring, MD - 20910
(301) 650-6420

CLC Maple Avenue Child Development Center

90 Maple Ave
Stamford, CT - 06902
(203) 998-0695

GCCSA East End

222 S 66th St
Houston, TX - 77011
(713) 926-1358

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Many parents of young children do not know that there are resources for children to atten preschools at low cost or free. We locate and list those locations.

Head Start

Head Start provides nationwide school programs for low income families. We locate these resources for parents.

State Free School Options

Most states provide options for low income preschool, prekindergarten children. These resources are available free of charge. We provide listings of these schools and programs.