Marina Child Development Center

Contact Information:

3066 Lake Drive
Marina, CA 93933
(831) 384-0255

About this PreSchool

How to Apply Complete all sections of the application and include copies of the documents listed below. Please note that documents will not be returned. Birth Certificate. Proof of Income. Please provide a copy of the parent or guardian's current pay stub or documentation showing proof of employment. The verification must state the parent's hourly rate of pay and number of hours worked per week. If this cannot be obtained, a copy of last year's income tax return or W-2 form may be used. If applicable, the parent must provide one or all of the following: 1) Copy of the TANF Passport to Service, 2) Supplemental Security Income Benefit, 3) Disability Income, 4) Unemployment Income, 5) Workers Compensation Income, and 6) Child Support Verification. If full-day services are being requested, a validated school/training verification form must be submitted or a pay stub or letter showing full time work. Immunization Record. Current Copy of IEP/IFSP, if applicable. Proof of Legal Cu

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