PARKWAY - Kennedy (FD)

Contact Information:

1602 Lucretia Avenue
San Jose, CA 95122
(408) 536-0351

About this PreSchool

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS Your application must be complete and include copies of the following documents (documents will not be returned): (tm) Birth Certificate (tm) Immunization Records (tm) TB Assessment and/or TB Test Results (tm) Income Verification - Documentation must reflect your current economic status and must include allsources of income received by the child's parents or guardians such as: o Current pay stubs showing last two (2) months worth of income o Letter from employer stating hours worked per week and pay rate (only if unable to provide pay stubs) o Latest Income Tax Return or W-2 (if seasonally employed, self-employed, or if unable to provide pay stubs; must reflect current economic status) o Unemployment Income o Worker's Compensation o Child Support o Disability Income (tm) Proof of Legal Custody (if child is in foster care) (tm) Notice of Action (if receiving CalWORKs) (tm) Proof of Supplemental Security Income (if applicable) (tm) Homelessness Verification (if applicable and

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