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6402 Judson
Lincoln, NE 68507
(402) 436-1160

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How can I apply for my child to be enrolled in the ExCITE program?Please call 402-436-1995 or 402-436-1943 to schedule an appointment or come to the Lincoln Public Schools Teaching and Learning Center located at 949 West Bond. When applying for ExCITE/HeadStart, you must present a certified birth certificate for your child your child's immunization record, and income verification for the past year (2010 tax return, W-2, or check stub). A list of income sources that must be reported is included with the application cover sheet. We will make photocopies of all required documents for our files.You may access the Cover Sheet through this link EXCITE Cover Sheet and the application through this link Early Childhood Programs App 2011. For non-English speaking families, the Application Cover Sheet

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