Young Elementary

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3526 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd
Louisville, KY 40212
(502) 485-8354

About this PreSchool

How do I enroll? To register a child in the Head Start/Early Head Start Program, the parent or legal guardian must come to the Early Childhood Administrative Offices, 2501 Rockford Lane, Louisville, KY 40216. If your child is eligible for Head Start/Early Head Start you will be required to participate in an initial interview process with staff and complete several documents. During this time, you will be required to verify your income and provide proof of your child's age. Health requirements for students entering a Jefferson County Public School Early Childhood program include an up-to-date immunization record and a current physical examination form. An eye examination is required for students enrolled in Jefferson County Public Schools for the first time. Additional health requirements for Head Start /Early Head Start students include a hematocrit/hemaglobin blood test and a dental examination. To learn more about Jefferson County Public Schools Head Start/Early Head Start Program,

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